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Discover that thing that sets you on fire..... aka, your true passion.  

In Season 1, Hayley Foster takes you on her journey of fostering a new business, aka her 'side hustle'.  She shares the knowledge she gains from talks with lawyers, social & SEO media strategists, patent attorneys, marketing experts, financial advisors, LinkedIn connoisseurs, public speaking coaches, sales experts, PR executives and more.  

In Season 2, Hayley shares her own experience as a serial entrepreneur through interviews with other FosterWomen and dives deep on the in's and out's of being a woman entrepreneur and the importance of Fostering Your Passion.   

Season 3 is all about Fostering Dads - advice for Dads from women raised by strong, loving, mentoring fathers that raised them to be the woman they are today.  This season is a tribute to Dads who are no longer with us.  

Special thanks to Ben Kanes and Sight Sense Productions for producing and editing Season 1 of Foster Your Passion.  

Aug 14, 2018

Dawn always knew where she wanted to be, and what she wanted to be doing. She was always willing to make sacrifices for her business; and looking back on the day that she decided to turn away from corporate, she does not regret a single thing.

Listen to this podcasts to hear it from the motivator herself. She spreads confidence to young-girls in pre-school through middle school, with her energy and wisdom. As Dawn likes to say: If you have passion, follow It.

Prior to GAALS, Dawn worked in various capacities with cable companies throughout the world, from writing, producing and directing, to marketing and branding. A 20-year veteran of the television industry, she has garnered dozens of prestigious industry awards.  

More About Dawn:
As the head of on-air creative for History Channel’s international division, Dawn successfully launched more than a dozen international channels and oversaw their local on-air creative teams. Following her five years at History, Dawn produced the rebranding of Bravo and Oxygen, and worked alongside executives at USA, A&E and Scifi on large-scale projects.

After living in Manhattan for 17 years, Dawn moved with her family to Port Washington, Long Island. She has finally acclimated to life in the burbs and attributes the great outdoors to her ability to begin practicing mindfulness. 

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